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Fresh Green Salad with Feta


A Healthier You!

Fitness Equipments

The benefits of meal prepping:

1 • Saves time 
2 • Saves money
3 • Save +increase energy levels 
4 • Saves Calories

Don’t worry about anything else other than what you want to eat for the week!

DesFit's Nutritional Meal Services include: 

One on One virtual consultation and a customized nutritional meal plan aimed towards helping you meet your nutritional goals!


You have the weekly option of: 
• 2 poultry dishes (i.e Salmon or Chicken) 
• 2 vegetarian dishes (i.e veggie stir-fry Or eggplant Parmesan) 


ALL weekly meal plans will include: 
1 carb side (i.e rice, mash potatoes) 
1 veggie side ( i.e asparagus, broccoli or sautéed spinach) 
+1 fruit of choice

Additionally healthier dieting makes you more aware of what you eat on a daily basis!

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